City denies request to rezone lots near Green Oaks

From left: Mayor Lynn Spruill and City Attorney Chris Latimer listen to candidates interviewing for the open seats on the Oktibbeha County Heritage Museum Board on Tuesday. (Photo By Logan Kirkland, SDN)
Staff Writer

The Starkville Board of Aldermen denied the appeal of the denial of a request to rezone two lots located in the 2000 block of Hickory Road during their meeting on Tuesday.

The board voted to deny the appeal with a vote of 6-1.

Ward 4 Alderman Jason Walker voted against the denial of the appeal due to a technicality on what defines a neighborhood.

The motion was made by Vice Mayor Roy A' Perkins.

Attorney Johnny Moore was the the only person to speak in favor of the appeal. He said the purpose of rezoning the lot would provide more commercial property for the city due to its location's close proximity to Highway 12.

Moore said the board would need to define what a neighborhood is because if the board decides not to grant the appeal, it would cause a domino effect where people would be concerned about their residences, making commercial change more difficult for Starkville.

Moore said there are four or more restaurants interested in coming to Starkville. One restaurant in particular approached Moore looking for a place for business.

He said granting the appeal is worthwhile because this development is an opportunity to increase sales tax revenue.

"We wouldn't do anything that is detrimental to this property," Moore said.

During the public hearing, seven people spoke against the appeal.

Green Oaks resident Clark Roman said his neighborhood is a true amenity for the city because it reflects the community aspect of Starkville.

"Our neighborhood is a true neighborhood,” Roman said. “We're the poster board for neighborhoods.”

Roman said Green Oaks is a safe, quiet and welcoming neighborhood where people are coming to raise families and be a part of a community atmosphere. He said by approving the appeal, it would be detrimental to the unique qualities of the area.

He said those wanting to commercialize the area are not bad people, but they only care about the bottom line and not the neighborhood.

“Sometimes in life you have to draw a line in the sand," Roman said. "You have to stand up and say ‘it's not always about the money.’"

The Starkville Board of Aldermen will have its next work session on Dec. 15 at 1 p.m. on the second floor of City Hall.


• The board presented a proclamation to recognize both Starkville High School and Starkville Academy football teams for their accomplishments this season.

• The board unanimously approved to appoint Carla Harris Williams to the Starkville Housing Authority Board.

• The board appointed two people to fill the vacancies on the Oktibbeha County Heritage Museum Board.

• The board approved the bollard plan for the installation of temporary bollards as special event pedestrian safety devices in the Cotton District, Midtown and Main Street areas.

• The board approved the amendment to the sign ordinance.